Give yourself permission not to do everything

Your guide to staying rested, inspired and hopeful.


How not doing it all can help you do more.

All things. All at once.

For frontline workers, each day brings a complicated array of feelings:
    You can feel proud of your work and also worried about your well-being.
    You can be optimistic about the future and also concerned about the present.
    You can give everything to your patients and it can also feel like too much.

When you do so much for others, you need to give yourself permission to don’t. Use the following list as inspiration for what you can stop doing to give yourself the time to feel.

Daily to-don’ts

  1. Don't run yourself ragged at home (You are being productive enough)
  2. Don't keep sad feelings to yourself
  3. Don't pressure yourself to stick to a routine, unless that routine brings you peace
  4. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it
  5. Don't feel guilty about enjoying the good parts of your own life
  6. Don't pressure yourself to be social when you're not in the mood
  7. Don't brood over your mistakes
  8. Don't forget to laugh
  9. Don't forget to listen
  10. Don't forget to breathe



These self-care tips are brought to you by Bridget Chambers, professional life coach who focuses on positivity, self-awareness and the goodness in all of us.